Officina della Senape is food sociality, meeting place for curious gastronauts, entertaining dining room, irony and pure lust. We are ready to break the traditional patterns if those who love to experience fine quality meat. Our concept kitchen is not a traditional one. Our cuisine has the charm and the warmth of close and far away boundaries. Our deep respect for animals guides us in everyday choice, because we believe that only with sustainable breeding we can achieve the best quality product. Our willing is to blossom experiences that may leave a gastronomic souvenir, by accompanying the taste buds of our guests in an itinerary of precise flavors.

Da sempre il nostro modus operandi prevede la scelta di collaborare solo con allevamenti
che sposano un’etica lavorativa di “vecchio stampo”, per offrire ai nostri ospiti la migliore
proposta carnivora possibile. Chi ci conosce meglio sa quanto teniamo a questo aspetto.
Fieri del nostro approccio, raccontiamo il nostro lavoro quotidiano con orgoglio e
trasparenza. Chi opera nel food ha il compito di farlo responsabilmente, conoscere bene il
prodotto, rispettarlo e soprattutto non smettere mai di cercare l’eccellenza. Per non cadere
nel tranello delle autocelebrazioni, andando metaforicamente controtendenza, affermiamo
semplicemente che la nostra carne è monouso.

Our approach to the breeders is to analyze every single aspect of the way they grow up and feed the animals. Those who work in the food’s world have the duty of doing it responsibly, know the partners deeply, respect the product they select  and – above all – never stop looking for excellence. Every bite, every instant is unique: it comes to surround you and never comes back. We love to make every experience a memorable experience, cause it must be a unique bite of perfection. We deeply mean it, this is why our meat can be only disposable meat.

About Meat

The main focus of our restaurant is high quality meat.​​ This attitude is more than a passion, it is a deep vocation. We have always selected the best breeds, ensuring the care and respect for the bold raw material. We define ourselves meat artisan craft, we’d like to do it by creating new cuisine boundaries in meat’s field and by offering a unique sensorial experience that excites your eyes and your palate, combining tradition and creativity with the fines wines and our homemade sauces. We carefully select the farmers and farms, we follow the entire production chain, we do have a butchery in our kitchen. We built our dry aging cellar, we cut every single loin after the dry aging process and we conceive the most upstanding plating to impress you.This is a taylormade approach: no dish will ever be like another.


Animals live wild usually grass feeded, grazing, and when they come to barns with high-quality food that combines an unmistakable character with irresistible and subtle aromas. The breeds we select are characterized by a good conformation, fatness and marbling of the meat.


We select the best breeds to obtain carpaccio and tartare that we pair with the finest ingredients in order to enhance the organoleptic properties.

Dry aging

Several years ago, we decided to build our customized dry aging cellar. We did it in order to be able to decide the time we can dry age every single meat cut to empathize its tenderness and flavour explosion.


Our method is almost scientific. Our Chef’s experience allows our cuisine to balance the opposites, allowing each cut to express the maximum of its flavor.

Cooking of the meat

There is a perfect cooking for every cut of meat: our Chef knows the best, let us take care of yours.

The Knife

We let you choose your weapon: take the perfect knife that make you feel comfortable to enjoy your meat experience.

About sauces

To add the last brick to our experience we need the aromas and parfumes that perfectly fit every single meat cut. This is the reason why we have a ten year’s experience in producing our very own sauces in our lab-cuisine. Our sauces are crafted with the fresh ingredients of our territory with a long term vision that leads to the unique taste we like to paint in our dishes.

In our restaurant we purpose a large varieties of sauces and seasoning. If you would like to order and taste one at home, you can choose among of most appreciated three ones:


About the grapes

We decided to work with a small number of wineries, this challenge allows us to work exclusively with producers we personally know and trust. We believe that our partners preserve the local culture, the authentic spirit of our heritage. The labels on our menu range from still reds to most Italian well known white sparkling wines, to dispel the myth that meat can only be matched to wines belonging to a certain category. Let’s face this journey without prejudice to discover new fragrances.

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